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Default Packing a week's worth of FUN into 5 days.

Packing a week or more's worth of fun into a 5 day cruise is almost too much for these "old" bones. I used to be able to keep up this kind of pace with vigor when I was in my 20s. Now, with one year left to hit my 6th decade, I honestly can't keep up.

As I'd posted all along on our message boards, once this Blog2NOLA cruise actually got underway, it would turn into a GREAT time, and I don't think anyone can deny that's exactly what happened.

A few minor bumps along the way, getting settled in, have been wiped out by more and more fun events.

The day started off with "Juan's (John's in case anyone didn't get it) Mexican Fiesta at Playa Mia Beach.... and all incluse beach club. Though I've been to Cozumel many times, this was our first time there, and it is a terrific facility; clean, big beach, good buffet food, more free flowing liquor, and all the water toys.

LOTS of sunshine today, which gets you tired after being out a time, and then tonight was packed with activities!

Dinner, a show with Manuel Zuniga, introduced as the "world's fastest juggler" put on quite a juggling demonstration, and he was followed by Al Ernst... one of my all time favorite comedians.... on or off a ship. Simply a Brilliant show tonight!!

A hour later there was a special Blogger's Event, with Al once again, this time, also "playing" with John and Lewis Nixon the other brilliant comedian on the cruise with us. It was a special show, not only because the stories were incredibly funny, but one could see the warm and honest relationships these guys have developed working with each other on the ships for all these years.

There's no time to post pictures, or write much more today. Suffice it to say it was a GREAT day in Cozumel, a great evening on the ship, and some very special feelings were shared by everyone on the Blogger's Cruise. I am WIPED out of energy.

I'll get to sleep in some, but tomorrow is the last day of the cruise for many (though we're staying on for the appropriately named "Rehab Cruise" the following cruise, I think tomorrow's pace will be topper. Everyone is going to want to participate in everything!

And I have some practice time booked with Al and Lewis, to work out the details for my being opening act for Al Ernst. Carnival's 344th funniest comic... but my all time favorite.
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