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I was on the Monarch in December and we missed Coco Cay because of bad weather. The crew brought the BBQ to the pool deck , the band played and I"m pretty certain that there were a few extra events added .
There was an updated Cruise Compass provided.
It's the first time I've missed a port and I can't say I was disappointed. It was pretty chilly and windy on deck, but we're Canadians and we would have been up there if it had been snowing so it was another wonderful day at sea!!!!

I missed out on the fuel tax credit (by two weeks!!!) so I can't comment on that , but whenever I've had an issue with RCL it has been quickly addressed . Our cabin category price (on Monarch) dropped twice, and both times a refund was given via credit card - without question .
On a past cruise, a problem with pre-paid room decorations was solved with an offer to re-do (declined) and a complimentary champagne (not expected and VERY appreciated !).
On our last cruise (Monarch) , I discovered that I had been overcharged for the mini-bar . I was charged for items I didn't take and what should have cost about 11$ was listed as 25$ . Passengers were already disembarking and the Main desk was swamped . Even so, the crew member who I dealt with not only took off the extra items, he took off ALL the items. I can't argue with that!

I hope your issues have been sorted out . I can see how it would affect your impression of RCL , but read the posts on other cruise line threads
and you'll see that it can happen with any company. With such a huge volume of passengers I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often ! The drag is that it happened to YOU and I have faith that RCL will make good somehow .
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