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We always cruise in Sept. or October and usually in Jan. Most of our cruises have been in the fall . I know we have been lucky but we have missed few ports due to hurricanes --only two that I can recall. In Sept. 95 we were on the Fascination which was almost new at that time and home ported in San Juan--we missed a call at Guadeloupe due to hurricane Luis. We just had an extra day at sea. Once we were on the western itin. and instead of calling at Cozumel, we called at Progresso instead, which worked out very well. We had been to Cozumel many times and never to Progresso which gave us the opportunity to take a tour to Chichen-Itza, which we loved.

Even now here in Ky. as I type this I feel like I'm in a hurricane ! We have had winds all afternoon and tonight 50-60 miles and hour and gusting higher at times. We have been battered by mother nature badly in the last year. In Feb, '08 we had tornadoes in parts of the state that killed 6-7 people and did a lot of damage. Then in Sept. of '08 we had the remnants of hurricane Ike blow through, causing major damages, power outages, etc. and then a couple of weeks ago we had the ice /snow storm that was the worst disaster in our states history. As of yesterday we still had approx. 45,000 people with out power, statewide. Now these winds today and tonight have undone a lot of work that was done in the last week. It's untelling what daylight will reveal. I know I've lost shingles, siding, maybe gutters or maybe some of all the above.
My wife started to take a bath but decided not to--said if she got blown away, she wanted to be dressed--not naked and soapy !

I guess we can be victims of mother nature ashore or afloat !!
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