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Default Fire on Upper Deck on the Ecstacy

At 2.30am I got a wake up call that I did not request....I woke up to the fire alarms going off. I got up and immediatatley smelled smoke, I heard yelling in the hall. I opened my cabin door which was E189 on the Empress Deck and there was a lady in her undies yelling that the ship was on fire and for us to evacuatate. I got dressed, grabbed my purse, sail and sign card and my life jacket.

There was NO crew members anywhere to be seen! No one telling us if the fire was up or down, foward or aft. All I knew was that the Deck was hazy with smoke and that the smell was horrible. I ended up following others up to the Atlantic Deck to our muster station. Still no crew. It was more then 15 minutes after arriving at the Starlight that the first crew member showed up. She just told us basicly to shut up and sit down. An elderly lady was injured during the movement and another had an asthma attack due to all the smoke.

Fianaly the crew started showing up with medical help. I do not know for sure who or what started the fire, but I was told that some guy set towles afire in his cabin. I did see someone (a male) being arrested before debarkation and being led away in hand cuffs off the ship by Customs agents.

What makes me mad was that during the fire drill on the first day, they said that in emergency that crew members in florescent green hats would be there to direct us...they did not show up until about 5 minutes before we were allowed to go back to our cabins on the E deck.

I will say that the Cruise Director, Steve, was great. He did try to keep us up to date, after the fact. I never saw the damage myself as I did not have any business on that deck, but I heard it was pretty bad. I was told that Cabin U223 was pretty much gone.
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