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The picture is Al Ernest, myself, and Lewis Nixon celebrating after "my show".

And the next is Snoozeman enjoying Cafe du Monde with us today.

Last night the Blogger’s cruise wound up, and what a party it was! Everyone had truly crammed at least a week of camaraderie and fun from a 7 day cruise into 5 days. The cruise was so much fun that there were people yesterday trying to book cabins to stay on with us for the “Rehab” cruise, but the ship was sold out.
We were joyous about not having to disembark yet, and go for a ride for another 4 days. But, I have to be honest that we’ll miss the people who went home today. Though I do have to admit I need the rest.
It was particularly “interesting” the last couple of days, trying to fit in all the Blogger’s activities, while spending time with Al Ernst and Lewis Nixon, trying to learn about comedy, and writing “my act”. And I have to seriously thank them, and everyone on the Blogger’s Cruise, and particularly the CruiseMates group for being so supportive, coming to the late show instead of packing. It was seriously scary coming out on stage to a packed house of 700 or 800 people, instead of the 100 or so I expected to show up at a late show on the last night of a cruise. You’ll all certainly be a big part of my story when I write the article of my “Day on the Job” as a Carnival comedian, playing the main showroom.
After coffee and beignets at Café Du Monde, we returned to the ship, and there were new people excitedly exploring the ship, and new people occupying the cabins of many of the CruiseMates gang whose company we so enjoyed. This week’s passenger demographic is noticeably different. It’s a weekend cruise (Thursday to Monday), and it’s over Valentine’s Day. The passenger demographic is younger, with many more kids than during the just ended cruise. The ship seemed very lively tonight. The casino is busier, and the bars are hopping. I talked about people “giving her” on a 5 day cruise, so you can imagine that everyone boarding for a 4 day cruise arrives ready to “put the pedal to the metal”.
The Maitre ‘d very helpfully had rearranged the dining assignments for the CruiseMates remaining on for this cruise, and it’s really nice for me to spend dinners with some of the gang that I didn’t get to visit with as much as I’d have liked to the previous week.
Perhaps over the next 4 days, when I have some time I’ll come online, and share my reflections of the cruise. Hopefully, returning cruisers will add their experiences of the cruise, to tell the story of this cruise through their eyes.

Hoping you'll all come along with Mrs. Kuki and I, beginning on Feb. 18, when we "switch gears", for what we can expect to be quite a different experience on Silver Sea Cruise Lines, Silver Shadow; on one of the most high end, and luxurious cruise lines in the world.
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