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I don't know if this is "legal" but here are more posts from others who were on this cruise with her...

'I was on this cruise, we had just returned to our cabin not long before this happened.
I heard some alarms and an announcement, but did not really understand what they said. We had our balcony door open (Cabin V3), I saw a lot of crew members shining flashlights into the we were thinking someone was overboard.....then a few minutes later they announced there was a fire but everything was under control. Then a few minutes later they said they were evacuating part of the deck where the fire was. About 45 minutes later they gave an all clear.
I personally did not talk to anyone directly affected, it was a little scary for a few minutes not knowing, but I think the cruise director Steve Cassel did a good job informing as much as needed.
There was a lot of people that didn't even know anything my husband.....slept right through the announcements and sirens. '

"This is my first time posting, so please forgive me if I make any "forum etiquette" mistakes. I was also on the 2/7/09 - 2/12/09 Ecstacy cruise. I was in the casino and at approx. 2:30am the floor supervisors went to all tables and told everyone to leave. No explanation at all as to what was going on. When I asked for more information, I was simply told that I had to leave and return to my cabin. As I was returning to my cabin (Empress deck) I encountered many confused people with life jackets, luggage, etc. There was no sign of crew to direct any of the passengers. By the time I got to my cabin the smell of smoke was very strong and it was easy to figure out that something was on fire. I woke my wife, grabbed our passports, credit card, & lifevests and proceeded to our muster station. Again encountering many confused passengers and no crew to be found. Once on the Lido deck, many individuals wandering aruond asking each other what was going on, still no crew pressence. Finally, approx. 20 min. after leaving the casino, Steve Cassell came on the speakers and informed us that there had been a fire in a cabin on the Main deck (M-223 I think) and it was extinguished. Still have yet to see any crew on Lido. Several conversations with other passangers and no indication that anyone recieved any information or assistance from crew. The Ecstacy crew really dropped the ball and their lack of presence contributed to an increased sense of panic for the passengers we encountered. I hope someone at a higher level than the Captain of this ship will get involved and deal with the issues that occured. Reprimands and re-training, at a minimum, seem appropriate. It was a great cruise up to our exciting ending, and despite the horrible mismanagement of this incident, we am still booked for (2) more Carnival cruises this year and plan many more. "

I for one am not very happy if indeed there were no Carnival Staff around to guide the passengers, calm the passengers, tell us what to do etc....
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