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Default It is Saturday!

It is finally the end of the week. I am glad. I am so tire!

I have made more phone calls, and did more running around, I dont think I have ever been on hold so long. Try getting things for my sister, guess what...she has NO photo ID, guess what? Every one wants photo ID. She has a medicare card, but in Ontario, you are not obliged to get one with a photo if you had one guess what? They never got one..........and she has no other ID! A birth certificate that is to old to use, could not even get her one without ID, and proof of residence.......guess what.........she has none....she gets no bills in her name! My mother realizes now she should have done that differantly, but you just don't think of it! Finally got the ability to apply for one, not for my sister, but my mother is named in the "act of birth", therefore, regadless of the age of the child, she can legally ask for a birth certificate using her ID! What an endless paper work nightmare!
How ever, I do have an oncology appointment here next month, and this means my mother should be good to go for chemo here in April when she is moved here!
In the middle of all the calls and appointments I was taken out several time for my birthday, but some how I really was not into celibrating this year, because I always sat down with in the back of my head what I need to get home to so I can get some more stuff done! Next year will be better. I know DS and Sam have something planned with friends next Friday, maybe that will go better as I have done the bulk of paper work and information gathering this week!
The weather is cold, but we did get alot of sunshine yesterday. With the rain before and the sudden cold, we have aot of ice, ice that I fell good and hard one yesterday and feel it today!
Yesterday ran into some one that knows my son's boss at his new permanent part time job at a school - he is working with special needs children, in integration- 2 days a week, ( he goes full time to McGill three days a week, and works 2 days a week at the school) and that friend told me his boss could only say nice things about his work and ability. That was my best gift this year! I felt proud! He was also on TV, they interviwed him about the plague of problems they have been having on the trains lately. He looks so grown up in the interview!
Well, I better get a few things done, the contractors will be coming soon about the bathroom!
Have a great day every one!
"If your number one goal is to make sure that everyone likes and approves of you, then you risk sacrificing your uniqueness and, therefore, your excellence."
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