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Good morning Delft, Tweety, Irish and all who follow:

Am so sorry to read about your tribulations Delft, but it sounds as if you’re handling them as the pro you undoubtedly are. I’m sure there are a lot of folks who wish their son could be as responsible as is yours. You have every reason to be so proud.

Tweetie, that’s why folks move to Florida and while a whole lot of folks wish they were there right now as I write.

Irish, oh the tribulations of a Scoutmaster but gosh, what a contributions they make!

Welcome home to those from the first half of the Blog to NOLA. Sounds as if you had a fantastic time!

Fran and I are packing up in our motel after spending yesterday in Sevierville, Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg (the big tourist areas adjacent to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Went to a really cute little group of little shops built around a miniature golf course and called Walden’s Landing or something similar. It was only built a couple of years ago and heretofore, as we’d spent most of our time in Gatlinburg, we’d never visited. Well over half of the stores are vacant. The huge Belz Mall is virtually a ghost mall with one whole section completely empty (as I think I mentioned a month ago).

Those restaurants not closed for the season appear to be doing very well. All of the water parks, theaters, attractions, etc., etc., appear to be doing fine and are just now opening up and getting ready for, as Snuffy Smith might say, “The flatlander tourister season.” The traffic last night was more “normal” than what we last observed in January and the motel parking lots that we can see from our room appear quite full this morning. Hope things go well. Well, after a long hiatus (all the discount book stores are closing or have closed), I found three non-fiction books one of which is a history of the White House and of the other two len deals with a theater and the other a specific incident of WWII as the subjects. Around 60 bucks worth of books for $20.99.

Prayers continue for dear Luanne and her Jim, Judy, Delft and her Mum and Jen as well as all others needing that extra support and Blessings on everyone. Will check in from home later on.

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