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Originally Posted by Phil&Liz
This one bothers me abit since we will be on Ecstasy March 16th, cabin R132.

Phil & Liz
Me and my Wife got married on this cruise. Cabin R132 was not affected by the fire. It was the M200-M250 (even or odd side) that was affected.

I was told from someone across the hall that two cabins were completely gone, there was a hole in the wall of the room where the fire was and the carpets were burned in the halls. Also there was smoke damage on the side of the ship and the sprinklers turned on for everyone on that side of the fire wall for that deck.

As for us.....
First, we would have slept through the "alarm" going off. My father-in-law was staying a few doors down and came banging on our door to get us up. After we were in the hall, we then heard a faint alarm. From the time we left our room until about 15 minutes later while we sat...without seeing one carnival representative...until the cruise director came on over the intercom, everyone sat without information and scared. One of the women in our muster station was crying like she was going to die. Perhaps she'd have been a little more controlled, if anyone were around from the crew to calm her.

We then heard music next to our muster station. The bar next to us was never made aware of what was happening. As a matter of fact, the security guy who was checking ids at the door would NOT let guest who had their life vests on and were trying to get in (since their muster station was in that particular bar) to the bar because they were not dressed appropriately.

Then, I notified both my parents and my sister's family in their cabins, because they had yet to hear an "alarm" and had not been made aware that anything was happening.

While the end result was luckily just a small fire that damaged a couple of cabins, the truth is that carnival could not have possibly known the actual impact of that fire when the event first started until they put it out. This would suggest that in a potentially very dangerous situation, carnival was FAR from prepared. Had the fire been worse, I believe that the lack of organization from the crew would have resulted in a very bad situation for everyone.

Finally, the comment cards had already been turned in, and Carnival was probably thrilled about that. Every passenger that I spoke to after the event felt the same way my wife and I did. Whether it was the best cruise of your life or you'd never go on one again, Carnival's lack of organization and control in an actual event of emergency was ridiculous. So next time, instead of using an hour of my time for the emergency drills, perhaps carnival should use that for their own crew's practice. As for most of the passengers, we handled our end without any help from the crew.
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