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Originally Posted by Marc
Kuki, what are amenity points? How do you earn them? Is there a table? When using them, is there a table (e.g., X points for each chocolate covered strawberry)? Are amenity points only associated with large groups or do they also apply to smaller groups and individuals?

Many of the cruise lines offer "amenity points" to groups on different sailings. The number of points varies depending on the sailing. I imagine more points on those sailings where they may not expect big demand.

Then, there's a menu of amenities to choose from, each valued at a certain number of points; such things as shipboard credits, photo credits, cocktail parties, champagne, wine, chocolate covered strawberries etc.

For CruiseMate's group, we normally discuss which amenities to choose for the package with the agent.... though one prerequiste is always a cocktail party.... as it gives the group the opportunity to meet and socialize.

I can't say for sure whether the line you love, Regent, offers points for groups, but I'd imagine they at least offer shipboard credits. Even though they're presently offering free excursions (make that cost included), that didn't use to be the case, and if the economy recovers, won't likely be the case in the future.
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