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In searching the web for news of the fire on board the Estascy, I found this web site. The fire did happen and it was far more serious than it appears to have been taken. My husband and I were only a few doors away on Main deck. At 2:30 in the morning we awoke to someone screaming in the hallway. We thought a fight might be going on but when the screaming increased and became closer my husband opened the door to see if help was needed. Our cabin filled with smoke and if you have never been in a situation like that, let me tell you that smoke does indeed affect you quickly. A Steward ran past and told us to get out that the ship was on fire. Later, when everyone was gathered together for an explanation, we spoke to the two girls that wound up saving every one's life by screaming. They were just returning to their cabins when they entered the hallway and saw the fire. Thinking the floor had already been abandoned and they had just come upon it, they turned and ran back down the hallway screaming to each other to "run, it's a fire". This screaming awoke many. Without that, no one would have woke up and these cabins have no escape other than the door. For the next two days, just from the short time that my husband and I were exposed to a cabin full of smoke, our lungs hurt from the constant cough and our throats burned with the taste of smoke and we woke both days with headaches. But on reflection, it was a better end than the alternative.

The response from the crew was lacking at best and deplorable at worst. But we are grateful to be alive and are still a little incredulous over the entire incident. It was actually a member of our tour group that played a major role in putting out the fire. Like us, he opened his door to the screaming in the hallway, but he was faced with the fire. He doused it twice with a trash can full of water before a steward showed up with a fire extinguisher. He and another passenger then helped a woman who had collapsed in the hallway to get up and out. She was unable to move without help.

We will still cruise because we love it, but we will always spend the extra money to have a balcony so we can sleep knowing that we can always JUMP!
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