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Default Thanks!

Thank you for your kind replies.

Wow, it's going to feel just like the good old days in our camper with our family of ... 8. I think I'll stake an early claim on one of the bunks so I don't have people climbing over me all night. And maybe get up extra early so that I can get the shower first.

I guess the point is that I'm going to have fun, not spend a bunch of time in the room. I've been packing for weeks already for two reasons: 1) so that I don't forget anything I know I will need to have with me, and 2) so that I have plenty of time to pack as lightly as I can.

I've really appreciated seeing all of the suggestions of things to pack. I know I'll get laughed at by my family for bringing it (they laugh at me for things like bringing toothbrush and pjs for myself, then get mad that I don't have extras to supply what they forgot! ) but I think that over the door shoe bag is going to be a godsend on this trip.
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