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One final comment from me about the Blog2NOLA group, and the other Bloggers groups.

There were two other groups onboard, though CruiseMates had the largest group, and I met many terrific people from the other groups within the Blogger's Group.

It was the other "group leaders" I was a little bit disappointed in. We planned our PJ party the first night onboard, and invited all the groups to participate, as it was meant to be a group... the Blogger's group.

Unfortunately the other group leaders wanted to keep their groups "private", and didn't extend the same invitation to those in the CM group that we had... to include everyone.

Somewhat sad that keeping their group activities "private" was more important than letting it all flow...IMHO

The 5 days were jam-packed, so it wouldn't have made a difference, but the attitude displayed could have been better.
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