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Originally Posted by Kuki
Toth... my apologies to you, and everyone else on dial up.

But glad you enjoyed it, though god knows why.
No need to apologize about me having dial-up. Hey it's 17.95 per month, not the $50 that the high speed monopoly charges.
I could relate to the comedy skit due to the fact that I don't enjoy airports/air travel any longer. Whoever configured the seating area of Boeing 767's didn't realize that some of us are taller than 6 feet tall. I always seem to get behind some putz who wishes to recline his seat into my lap, crushing my knees in the process. Then he complains that I "keep kicking his seat waking him up". Airports tend to forget that some of us wish to eat AFTER picking up our luggage which by the way is outside the secure area.
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Read and post cruise reviews
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