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Originally Posted by green_rd
I think the crew and pax response demonstrates the difference between a drill and the real thing. Everybody knows the muster drill is coming and yet while some crew is on hand at the very beginnig they do rather trickle in as the pax do as well. The thought of pax heading to the muster stations with luggange in hand is a little amusing. If the ship had to be abandoned so would that luggage they lugged to the muster station.

How do you drill for this? Set off a false alarm at 2:30AM? Think about it, at 2:30 there is no staff on the passenger decks those that were up were doing a job. The rest were sleeping below the water line. I'm sure CCL will do an incident review and figure out how to respond better.

While we all want to know what's going on (that's why we use fora such as this) during an emergency the best thing you can do is what you are told. The crew does not have time to disucss the incident in progress and most probably had limited information (i.e. "get everyone out of the casino").

Oh well, I'm not sure what my poing is, other than I'm glad everyone is safe and hope the CCL will handle the next one better - and that I'm not on any ship that has a fire.
The respose should be same reguardless of the time. Do you think your local fire departments have different criteria for AM vs PM fires? I will say it again, they (carnival) has a set of rules that they must abide by and they did not do so. Thankfully as we have seen it did not end up as the last fire on the Estascy did. I want to thank all those who woke me and those passengers who did the crew's job. Without yall, this story might have had a worse ending.

And I am very surprised that this did not make the news. Carnival is doing some serious downplays I can tell you that.
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