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Hi Paul:

Thanks for your comments. I work in the hospitality industry and my two bosses (partnered / gay) cruise a few times a year. Like you, they highly recommend Cunard and have always had a very pleasant experience.

While sitting in the sauna on Celebrity's Constellation last September, a couple of men were discussing Cunard compared to the X. They too really enjoyed the level of service, Will have to try Cunard one of these days.

My only issue, albeit minor, is the classification of cabins and assigning of dining...from what I understand, the cabin level you choose determines which grill or restaurant you dine in?! I recall that from the Titanic, . Is that accurate?

GH Dallas:

We too love the Celebrity experience and have always (with the exception of a Mercury cruise to Mexico) felt very welcome. We especially enjoy the Transatlantic and European cruises on Celebrity, as it attracts (IMHO) a more seasoned and tolerant traveler. Isn't it odd? We found on the shorter 7-day, Mexico, Pacific or even Caribbean sailings, we're likely to get "looks", you know the kind I'm talking about...but on the longer, Euro cruises, we don't. Matter of speaking, we always find straight and gay couples and quickly bond.

We leave in 7 1/2 weeks for an Amazon cruise on Princess. We have never sailed a ship this small (670 passengers) so it will be interesting to see how it goes.

Thanks again, everyone. Please keep your comments coming.
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