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Originally Posted by hombre
i could care less about accents, only others who judge me by my southern drawl -- assuming i'm about as savvy as elliemae clampett -- or whose accents mask ideas of superiority or some sort of better than thou attitude. i've me a lot of folks with good old alabama accents i'd not like to spend five minutes with; and i've meet just as many from new york i'd rather, and do, avoid. attitude, not accent.
! I know! Unfortunately, since we have so many people from other areas of the country living in Atlanta now-I get that ALL the time!

but truly the only times it REALLY bothers me is when the other person has a strong accent himself- as I previously posted of the cab driver from Boston or the guy from Oklahoma who made fun of me and who sounded as "hick" as me with his "Okie" twang. !.

For the most part though, I have met many very nice people from all over the world who never made fun of my accent.
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