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Originally Posted by billbelt
I just went thtrough this with Holland America. First I don't recall this being a Homeland Security issue or requirement. It is nothing more than the cruise industry making you do some of the work and absorbing some of their cost. Kind of like bagging your own groceries at the grocery check out. I ended up calling H/A and the first person I got gave me the run around and said for me to call back the next day as it was their software. Not true---I called another operator immediatley and she walked me through the process in 30 seconds. I ended up having an incorrect entry in one of the boxes therefore the H/A site would not let me print. I thought I checked that box a dozen times, howver it was really my fault.
I think it makes it easier. There was a lady on the Estascy who did not do her FunPass before and she said it took her longer then it did her friend to be able to board. Like I said, they just looked at mine, marked it and I kept it. I think they just want to make sure that you have compelted it. To me, its not a big deal. What ever makes my wait less and gets me on that ship is fine with me.
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