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Originally Posted by barryandtrish
i know that, but it used to be available in Cozumel... i am just trying to remember the name of the beach it sailed to
The Fiesta Party Barge travels to Playa Mia
The Fiesta Party Barge used to travel to Playa Sol (before it moved from its old spot and became Playa Mia).

We are talking YEARS ago. Best as my old brain can remember .... 10 years ago...Playa Sol is where Mr. Sanchos is now.

Playa Mia moved "up the beach" and Mr. Sanchos took over the old Playa Sol spot.

Fiesta Party Barge has never gone to what is now Paradise Beach. However, it "may" have gone to San Francisco Beach some time 10+years ago...which is right next door to Paradise Beach.

If it is Carnival and it floats....we have sailed it!

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