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Default carnival, front and center

well,, i guess there is no doubt, given motter's endorsement, that carnival is the line to go with. as so-called president, moderator, or whatever of this site, how could he so nakedly endorse one cruise line over another; after all, in his comments throughout this site he always calls for 'understanding other points of view.' i, personally, would never sail on a carnival party ship; that is my choice. but this is supposedly a cruise board to express opinions, not to have the head of it all just end all discussion with his own opinions, which somehow belittle the rest of us. i do not appreciate his views or how and on which forum they were expressed. this is, now, a carnival board. so, enjoy the carnival. i'm outta here. and i guess we know now who's 'paying the bills.' yep, the folks at carnival. and probably for his cruises and living expenses, too.
cruisemates is only like a magazine -- the industry pays for it. why should anyone be so surprised???

ps: i'm sure this will be deleted, but i hope not. i hope there is a substantive and honest reply.
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