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Tsk, tsk, hombre,

Did it ever occur to you that maybe Paul just likes Carnival? I. know that I do and while I also like other cruise lines, most of the time, we sail on Carnival because we always get our money's worth.

And, just for the record, Carnival is no longer the "party ship" line. They caught on years ago to the fact that those who have bucks and time to go on cruises are NOT the young partiers. Years ago, that stereotype was true. I went on one singles cruise on Carnival and refused to go again for years. Finally, gave them another chance and it was totally different. So, don't buy into stereotypes, please. By the way, I am in my 60's now, been married for decades, am disabled, and am more oriented toward spiritual and intellectual pursuits than anything else. Due to my illness, alcohol makes me hurl, so I rarely drink at all and don't have the stamina or taste for partying. So, I am not some young'un promoting Carnival. I have also been on almost 40 cruises, on a variety of cruise lines and ships.

And, trashing Paul like that is just tacky. Saying that Carnival pays him in any way to promote their line is truly beneath you.
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