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I've got an extension cord with 3 outlets ready for packing, plus an over the door shoe bag... Thanks for the heads up!

I have already been made to understand it is "my fault" that we will be crowded into this room. My fault because I didn't want to pay double for a room by myself and decided not to go at that point. (a single sister is a terrible thing to admit you have, I guess. The family shame. <---- joking.)

Then I was asked if I would go if it was only $600 for me, so I said yes, and then found out after it was paid for that we'll all be in the same room, and it's my fault, as well as everyone else's cruise costing an extra $25 because I caused a delay when I said I didn't want to go if I had to pay $1200 for a 5 day cruise. I can't see where the "delay" comes in when I said no, then a day later I'm offered a $600 charge.

I want to go and enjoy myself, but I do not want that blame all pointed at me when someone is unhappy. If I have to make myself scarce at times, and go write in my journal and take pictures, I will. I'm sure I can find some things to do onboard that won't make me feel completely uncomfortable on my own.
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