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Originally Posted by Marc
Kuki, another great report. I would be interested to see if the coffee "problem" might disappear with just a comment to the head waiter or maitre d'.

For your stop on San Blas Islands, I recommend taking some small bills so that you can buy some of the handicrafts that the Indians make. I found it a wonderful stop.
Marc.. I have no doubt the "coffee problem" would be resolved with a comment. There was no use making an issue of it after the first time, because once or twice doesn't make it a pattern, that needs to be dealt with. Quite often these 'issues" resolve themselves.... like has my mention of the "yellow water" out of the bathroom sink faucet. This morning it appeared prerfectly clear again.

Things do happen on a ship with so many "moving parts", it's how quickly they disappear that lets you know how aware they are on the ship. Then again... if there is some pattern that does not resolve itself, one shouldn't hesitate to bring to the attention of the right person onboard.

At this moment we're just entering the San Blas Islands and I'm off to a lecture on the Canal.
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