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but opinions are just that. when most of us express an opinion it is posted on this forum -- take it or leave it. when one of the 'biggies' posts an opinion on the home page it carries weight; it is not called 'my personal opinion.' it becomes policy, philosophy, or whatever you want to call it. call the article 'some things i liked about my recent carnival cruise' and it may be ok. or 'some things to compare among and between mass-market lines' that would be ok. but to put out an endorsement is, in my mind, not ok under the circumstances. or put the whole thing on a message board. ok. but when the 'head' of the whole business openly supports one cruise line over another, citing perceived deficiencies in other lines, that becomes sponsorship. i'm not really angry, just expressing an opinion. and i disagree with paul's opinion no matter whose 'pocket' he is in. selah
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