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Originally Posted by Marc
Originally Posted by Manuel
Everyone has a right to their opinion, but I do find some of the comments the moderators make are not as imparcial as they should be.

Impartial in what way? I agree that they should be impartial when treating those of us that participate on this site but I want to hear there opinions with respect to cruising; that is why I read their posts. blogs, and articles. If they didn't have an opinion, I could just as well read the brochures/websites from the cruise lines.
Well here is an example the Boat or Ship thread was shut down, because a mod find it annoying. I loved that thread, there was no violation of the rules on that thread, that I could see. So I'm confused. The comment was
This thread has lost its meaning and relevancy and has become a plaything. It's now locked.

I thought every thread on here was my personal plaything. Does every thread have to have meaning to be continued? Does this mean more then half of my posts should be deleted? A lot of my posts are playthings to entertain. I understand this is the Mods world and we just post in it. But occasionally I'm a bit confused by which thread are locked, which are deleted, and which are allowed to continue. So you asked "Impartial in what way?" I hope I explained which way. I still love this site and you will only get rid of me when the mods kick me off. I will post my two cents until that time.
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