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Kat - love the cream colored ones also...the detail is very nice, but would like them paired with a different dress then the black w/ the hotpink sash.

Dean - I have never, ever given a thought to what any man would think about what foot I put on my feet - believe me - shoes are for my own joy.
I dress for me - no one else. I chose them - because I love them and they work well with something I have in my closet - the right shade to bring out an accent in a dress - the right color to add that contrast, or pop. The right texture or the right heel height. Some dressed need a taller heel for the hemline, others, a lower heel looks better.
Because I have limited funds, and live in a harsh climate - I don't own what I would really love to own in shoes - so very impractical it would be...but I do have a pretty big shoe collection. Some have been mistakes, they are uncomfortable ... but if I know I have limited standing I will suffer thru - if they really complete the look that I have in my head.
I have some nice clothes, but if I don't have the right shoe I can't bring myself to wear them.

I love clothes, shoes, fashion....too much Barbie growing up I suppose. Yet I live in an environment that is well, fashionless for the most part. I have a very varied wardrobe - but some things I just don't wear when I am out about in my town, as I would stand out way to much - that would make me uncomfortable - and it draws so many comments you can't even believe. So I do buy some trendier pieces, but I save them when I am different locals. I like to feel good in my clothes, confident - but I do not like to bring attention to myself. Last year a bought a fabulous yellow cropped spring jacket - big buttons - it just exudes joy- gosh I wore it to lunch on a damp dismal spring day - and I felt like a tourist and had people stopping me right and left. I can't take that kind of pressure.

Dean - maybe I am truly niave - but your whole thought that women wear shows for men is just foreign to me. And to be honest, I seldom notice what other people even have on their feet. I just know what I like and go with that. many of you when trying on a pair of shoes think..."gosh men are gonna notice me in these?" Let me know gilrs if I am alone in my thoughts on why I wear my shoes.
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