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Just back from 2 wonderful weeks of R&R. Princess still puts out a good product and we would recommend the line. They are very gay friendly.

There were 6 GLBT mettings on both cruises. They were hosted by Rachael, a newly employed Jr. assistant C.D. who knocked herself out to make everybody happy.....and she is GORGEOUS to look at too. Unlimited champagne was served on the first meeting but nothing on the second....go figure??? About 20 or so family attended most of the meetings....all very nice.

The highlight of the cruise for us was the 2 invitations from the Captain to have lunch with him....along with 16 others that were the most traveled loyal passengers. The Captains hostess greeted us at the entrance of the Pacfic Moon dining room and escorted us to meet the Captain and pose for a picture with him. Then we were ushered to our table where we found place cards with our names printed on them, as well as in the inside of of the menu....class act! The food was delicious and elegant, and wine was served with the meal as an extra touch. There were 2 FAB desserts that we drooled over. The photos with the Captain were presented to us as a gift before we left the table. I guess we've finally arrived!

Later.....Jerry & Kirk
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