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Originally Posted by rollerdonna
Wow Kuki, you are really being spoiled! Imagine, a closet with a window!

Yesterday I was reading an article in Cruise Travel that mentioned new smoking policies on various cruiselines. It stated that on Silverseas, smoking was allowed in cabins, but not on balconies, and only in designated area inside and outside.
Have you had any issues with the no-smoking policies?

Donna... I believe that article isn't quite accurate, and I'm on the ship, so..

I'm on the opposite side of this issue, as I believe you know I still smoke.
First time into the Suite I asked if smoking was allowed in the cabin.... and immediately they brought two ashtrays; one for the balcony, and one for the suite.

Public areas - smoking is allowed in the designated area in "The Bar', and in the Humidor (enclosed cigar lounge) and in the casino bar, and casino.
No smoking allowed in any dining areas of course, and smoke free in Panorma Lounge and Observation Lounge.

The casino is easily avoided, so if you were to stay out of The Bar, there should be no bar.

Outside areas where smoking is allowed is on section poolside, and the veranda aft of the Panorma Lounge, and I belive on starboard side on Deck 9 aft.

I'd like to see all the cruise lines designate certain cabins along the aft as "smoking cabins", then even from the balconies, the smoke would drift aft, and not bother anyone other than other smokers.
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