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Originally Posted by lokiveil
I have cruised with Carnival twice, and my hubby once..... Okay...

So we took a babymoon cruise..... I was 6 months along, 7 months by the time the cruise was over, and had been experiencing morning sickness again( gotta love getting twice in your pregnancy, and only having 2 months total that you didn't feel like puking your guts out, lmao).

Anyways, there was a tropical storm in the Atlantic, and we ended up with some pretty nasty seas.

Now, I was already sick, but could easily handle it at that point...... Hubby on the other hand.... well, I always thought the whole turning a shade of green things was just exaggerating.... found out I was wrong on that one too, lol.

I went to the pursers desk to get some sea-sickness tablets from them, as they made an announcement that they had them for free since the waters were unexpectedly rough. They would no give them to me at first (being pregnant), and it took me almost an hour and talking to three different people before they realized that I really wanted them for my husband who was ill.

Well, I also ordered dry toast and ginger ale for our room, as that was the only thing I could really keep down myself, and it did show up on my account for all of a day (no soda card). But we got another serving of it without having to order it the next day and the chrage was removed from our card for both orders.

Overall, not a huge complaint, but I guess they felt bad about having the poor pregnant woman waiting so long just to get medicine for her sick hubby.
I am surprised you were able to take that cruise-isn't 24 weeks the cut off date for cruising? I thought all the cruiselines had that as a cut off date.
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