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Originally Posted by Marc
Kuki, can you provide a little more information about dining and drinking? How many entree options each evening. Can you tell us some of the more interesting menu items? What are the lunch selections both in The Restaurant and The Verandah? Which champagne are they providing in the suites and in the bar? What are some of the included wines for dinner?

I spoke to the F&B Manager Helmut, and the Head Sommelier, Frank. They'll supply me a list of all the wines, and champagnes that are poured. You can pick it up the day after tomorrow in Costa Rica, because I won't be spending the entire day typing it on my computer

When I get the list tomorrow, I will list a sampling for you. I'll give you a teaser; tonight Mrs. Kuki had the Pierre Joet.

Don't rush the food thing... first get all of your Regent friends coming over to CruiseMates to read these reports. They should be anyway!

It's been several years since I sailed Regent (when they were still Radisson), and I will say, that to this point, with the exception of a couple blips in service, I do prefer this Silversea cruise to that experience.

I find it to be more intimate, and more social.
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