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Although we don’t have a lot of responses to gauge a true reflection of today’s society, it is very interesting that we have two or maybe three camps on this.

We appear to have those that have enough money and no matter if "whatever" is going on today, it does not affect their lives or cruise plans.

We also have I think, those that have not yet woken up to the reality, and will still stick "it" on the credit card and worry later.

And those those like me, that given all presented by today’s economy, question if I can afford it, and not just a cruise, but a new car, new house, an extension, new roof, new windows, kitchen. I feel ordinary people are backing off in how or what they will now commit too

This web site given the stat cannot be made up of only those that can afford what the economy throws at us and survive, and if true,,,,,then the cruise industry can ignore the “credit crunch”…mmmm

Nice one for some..but I don’t think some people are being honest on this subject.

I started this back in OCT 08 for good reason as back then, there was no doubt regarding the direction the current economic climate would take us. And I could see back then what would determine how much money people had to PLAY with in the future.

The graph ABOVE TODAY just amazes me, if that reflects today’s spending power. Why are governments bailing out banks, the car industry etc etc????
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