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Default Re: Alternative dining option on Constellation


Originally Posted by You
I know I am driving everyone crazy with this nickle and diming about stuff, but I keep thinking of them.

As I read the reviews on Cruisemates (not reader reviews) about Constellation, they talk about an alternate dining venue that is set up each night in the aft portion of the Grill. Supposedly has waiters and linen, etc. They say it is open from 6:30 to 9:30, and you need to make a reservation. It is not a buffet. There is a menu.

Has anyone had any experience with this?
Celebrity's "alternative casual dining" does offer a sit-down dining option with full table service for which you don't need to dress to dining room standards. Although it's advertised as "reservations only," they will accept walk-ins if they have space. Practically, it's a reasonable safety valve if you want a change of pace, but it is not intended as something that you would do every night of the cruise. There are three menus that rotate, so you would encounter the same menus every third evening if you were to do that. Also, Celebrity offers very little in the way of "alternative casual entertainment" -- a musician at a bar behind the buffet area and stateroom television are about the only options.

You should also be aware that the pizza and pasta bars in the buffet area remain open through the dinner hours and one of the serving lines in the buffet area becomes a suchi bar in the evening. These facilities do not require reservations, and the pasta bar does have salads.

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