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It's good to know that the pasta and pizza bars are also open during this time. When we were on Summit in 2004, we loved the pasta for lunch.

As I mentioned above, we just didn't want to do the formal night thing. We didn't do it on Adventure of the Sea last October, and were pretty happy about it. We were talked into going to the main dining room on one formal night (by the head waiter) even though we didn't bring any formal attire. We just felt a little out of place, and don't want to experience that again. Hence the questions on the alternate dining venues.

We by no means would wear shorts and the like to dinner; slacks and a nice shirt. We just didn't feel like lugging all the formal attire, or me renting a tux. We have done that a ton of times, and truth be told, for us it's wearing a bit thin.

So we will avail ourselves of the alternate dining venues on the formal nights. We will also do Oceans at least once.

Do you recall who you need to see for reservations by any chance?

Again, thanks a bunch.

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