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Default Re: The "Coffee Problem"

Originally Posted by SPAINBARCELONA

Greetings from Barcelona. What you perceive as a fault in service with regard to dessert and coffee really isn't a fault at all, but rather is merely a difference in American vs. European cultural and eating practices.

In North America, you tend to be served dessert and coffee at the same time. In Europe, that is a no-no -- first you have dessert, and then coffee, after-dinner liqueurs, etc. follow as the complete end to the meal.

Silversea provides European-style dining service and has one of the highest percentages of European vs. North American clientele in the industry.

That may be why you perceived a slight fault in service. For us, it would have been a fault to serve dessert and coffee at the same time.

Enjoy your cruise -- we love your reports.

Thanks very much for the informative post. I didn't know that. I've been to Europe a number of times, but only by ship for the past decade, so in most cases was back on the ship for dinner.
It was indeed presumptious of me to expect what may be a norm for me to be applicable everywhere.

I promise Iwon't whine on anymore about the coffee ...though I did get it with dessert tonight.
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