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Originally Posted by Phil&Liz
An amazing display of organizing a blitz about WJ here. Almost all posts are the OP's first post.

" Hey, I know, lets all go to CM and post out losses"

While I agree many were taken by the crooks at WJ, this thread is obvious.

Phil & Liz
Phil and Liz,

The tone of your post leaves me "almost" speechless.

The request to post over here was solicited by C/M. I am sure any person (even you) that was defrauded by WJBFC or any cruise line would like to have an avenue to recoup their losses. Through CruiseMates, We now have the name of the Government Agent that is requesting this information. Thank you for that Paul! I am sure you won't be bothered by us much longer.

BTW, I had been a member here for a number of years under another screen name, but I stopped visiting because after sailing on six Foo-Foo's I found that I preferred smaller Sailing Ships to the Big Cruisers.

Have a nice day!

PS: I will refer you the Cruise News article for your reading pleasure:

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