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Good Morning. Yes, Phyl I sure hope you have that passport now. Tod glad you are back home.We had pouring rain all day yesterday and alot of snow melted. Then everything flash frooze and you can hear every one having trouble opening car doors and scraping ice from windows. I am a little discouraged because of problems with my port a cath. It's running, but they cannot withdraw bloods and that needs to be done weekly. It is kinked and they are having trouble unkinking it. Today is chores and alot of paperwork. It would be nice if I could put away the wash and vaccume as well. Tonight may be dinner with a good friend. The "kids" house is sold and the transfer takes place Monday. It will be almost a year since his mother died. It's been a long year with a very complicated estate because of her lack of responsibility. Well, at least the debts will be paid, the town home is sold, and he will have some money left over in the bank to have a future with. I am seeing the end of the tunnel in terms of my mothers paper work prior to the ove. Once she moves there will be a second round of paper work to change things needing to be changed once you move. ( medicare card and so on) but at least the medical records have been sent to the new doctor which she will see in two weeks time. Well , better head out the door. Hope every one has a good day.
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