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Originally Posted by ready2gonow
Kuki, another great report.

Your cautian in unfamiliar ports maks sense.

I was thinking about your butler, Vierny. Is he responsible for the daily needs of your cabin (towels, beds, etc.)? Does he care for more than just your cabin? Have you utilized him for services beyond the normal day-to-day needs (other than the requested cocktail party)? Do you have a way to contact him, whenever? How long has he been with Silver Sea?

Another great sunset and nice pics of the ship!

We have stewards who clean and do the general set up in the suite. Vierny is there for the extras.... he serves breakfast, tea, snacks.. whatever you like in the suite. But he just doesn't deliver them. He sets up the table with tablecloth, flatware etc., and when we decide to have dinner in the suite, he'll be the one serving it course by course.

He also takes and returns laundry and dry cleaning. He made our dinner reservations at La Terrazza. Though he services 8 suites on the ship, he's always asking if there's anything he can do for us, when he see him in the hallway. He makes sure we know if there's anything we want, he'll get it done.

Unfortunately he's yet to be able to replace Mrs. Kuki with two 20 year olds
There's also a "butler" button for speed dial on the in suite telephone.

He's been with Silversea for 5 years (I think..since I asked that question on day 1, when my mind wasn't mush), and a bulter for almost 2 years.
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