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Laura, I second Luanne in my birthday greetings!

As stated on another thread, had a very relaxing day. I hope Trip, that your toil today is rewarded with a marvelously enjoyable evening.

BW, we always had a piano and my older brother was (and is) extremely gifted as regards that instrument. When it go to me we couldn't afford lessons so I taught myself rock 'n roll, boogie, etc. which of course, drove my mother up the wall. She used to say, "Stop that banging. You're beginning to sound like Dell Woods!"

One day the local piano teacher who taught all the millionaire kids, heard me banging one day and went to Mom and said he wanted me as a student. Mother said she wanted that too (if probably only for a bit more peace and tranquility) but she was sorry, we couldn't afford it. He said, "There will be no charge. Your son is very talented and I want him for a student." Well he kept things interesting so I wouldn't get bored and we were off to the races......for three months. He died suddenly. Mother was thereafter stuck with my type of music!

Thought the playing has never got better, I have a piano sitting in my living room to this day if only 'cause a house is not a home until it has a piano. BTW, I love light classical, ragtime, boogie, foot stompin' Gospel that 'ol time Rock 'n Roll and truth be told, just about everything else!

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