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Default Day 11 - Silver Shadow - I'm in a FOG

Day 11 – Silver Shadow – at Sea
The world as we know it may be collapsing around us (we get Fox news on the ship ), but I’m in “life’s Disneyland”… where everything is possible. Reality is a sea away, and the reality I’m living in is that everyone exists to please me. It’s the magic of cruising, and the illusion of tranquility. As temporary as it may be it’s a unique escape.

We awoke this morning, and slid open the balcony door to see the width and breadth of the Pacific Ocean lying as flat as bathwater for as far across the horizon as the eye could see. Each day of this journey seems to have brought with it a new moment of awe.

I’m shocked at just how dedicated Silversea’s PR department is that they’ve been able to control all of these things. Someone has a great Rolodex, if they can manage to have Dolphin Shows next to my balcony, and have ocean waves turned off at will, and provide the magnificent sunsets I’ve been photographing the last several days, and provide a continuous variety of interesting, humorous, and delightful people for me talk to.

I had no idea God was available for hire.

Yet more tricks were up their sleeve for today. As the morning progressed, while the seas remained still as a whisper, a thick fog rolled in to encompass the ship. The broad spectrum of what we’ve been fortunate enough to see and experience on this sailing can at times almost leave me speechless.

As we sailed slowly through the fog I couldn’t help to think back to the days of the early explorers of the oceans, when they didn’t have the radar and technology which exists in today’s world. What were they thinking when they encountered a thick fog... particularly those who may have had a nagging thought in the back of their minds that the earth was flat?

During his 12 Noon announcement Captain Caparano explained that along this stretch of ocean the waters are often very choppy, and the type of fog we were experiencing was very unusual in tropical climes such as this. It was certainly an interesting to experience the phenomena; a very thick fog, yet the sunshine making its way through the fog to keep temperatures very warm. Every few minutes for most of the afternoon the ship’s Fog Horn sounded, as a warning to other boats that may be in the area.

The daily activities continued uninterrupted, even in the rather eerie conditions; Volleyball in the pool, with the passengers and Cruise Staff, shuffleboard on deck, and sun-tanning, continued. And I suspect some probably got too much sun today, as its effects can be masked by the clouds and fog.

Today’s afternoon High Tea was altered somewhat. The theme was to be that of a Viennese coffee house experience. According to today’s Silversea Chronicle, the Viennese Coffee House tradition goes back to 1683. In the activities portion it was listed as “Weiner Tea Time”. The European’s onboard would understand that this is Weiner as in Weiner schnitzel, the North Americans maybe not so much. Some may have come expecting a hot-dog cook-out.

At any rate, they served the most delicious Austrian crepes!!! Even the term delicious doesn’t do it justice. I was in dessert heaven!!

This evening was our 7th “informal night” of the cruise (that translates to a sports jacket and slacks, tie optional, for the men). During this 17 day cruise there are 3 formal nights, 8 informal, and 6 casual. That can sound like an awful lot of “dressing up”, but it truly hasn’t turned out too badly. I brought my tuxedo, a suit, and two sports jackets, along with regular resort casual clothing. Frankly it feels alright to dress up a bit for a change, as opposed to many cruise lines where the trend is to “dressing down”.

I enjoyed the dining experience in The Restaurant very much tonight. The service just keeps getting better and better, if that’s possible. The entire dining experience just seems to operate in sync.

In my view the sociability of the dining experience onboard the ship is what sets this apart. It’s totally charming, and makes the excellent food taste even better. Early in the cruise I talked about trying the in-suite dining, however at this point we’ve enjoyed the dining room experience so much it may be unlikely that we stay in for dinner. It might be a waste to pass on enjoying a butler privately serving us dinner in the Royal Suite, but it would also be a waste to pass on what I think is one of the most unique dining experiences on any ship we’ve sailed.

The only thing I don’t like about the dining room is the name. Over the 11 days, I am so sick of repeating “The Restaurant”. For the balance of the cruise it will be referred to as Chez Kuki.

Pretty much every evening, it’s been 10 P.M or later by the time we leave Chez Kuki. It’s not because the service is slow. It’s because the meal and the conversation flow very naturally together.

As a result of finishing dinner at that time, I haven’t been to many of the shows in the showroom, but tonight a comedian/magician performed, so I made a point of attending. It was a British comedian, and his humor was silly and fun; just the sort of stuff that appeals to me.

Tomorrow we’re in Acapulco, Mexico. I’m golfing once again, and Mrs. Kuki is doing a tour called Elite Acapulco. I’ll report on both tomorrow. Tomorrow night is also Dinner on Deck, “Silversea Style”, which I very much look forward to… because I won’t have to type “The Restaurant”.
There are quite a number of passengers disembarking in Acapulco, and it will be interesting to see how many replace them. We may have “new meat” to meet at dinners.

It took 11 days to find a spot where Internet service was unavailable, and the connection speed hasn’t even been too bad for a ship. Tonight we hit the wall when trying to log in. That’s the reason for the late report, not that I was lying drunk on the Veranda of the Panorama Lounge.
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