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Everyone goes through the locks. Excursions on the panama leg leave from inside Gatun Lake. The ship will go back through the locks and passengers on the excursions are picked up at Cristobol. Passengers are not allowed off the ship at Panama unless they are on an excursion. there are wonderful excursions for all ages at Panama and Costa Rica. Arial tram at costa rica apparently was better than the Panama one. Got rave reviews. The Embura villiage excursion at Panama was really popular and we never heard anything about rave reviews. I dont know about excursions at Aruba or Curacao because we just get off and cruise around on foot. Panama and Costa Rica were our focus this trip. I am sure there are other travellers on here who can offer more info on those destinations. I think there is a message board on here just for destinations, so check that for Aruba and Curacao, maybe. On the Holland America web site, you can type in your destination and all the excursions for there will come up for you to read. Aruba etc. I found that very helpful.
We would do this itinerary again in a heartbeat. Just a tip... You are in the rainforest at Panama and Costa Rica. It will likely rain. You can pick up rain ponchos in a tiny package at your local buck store (get bug repellant too at home too) or you can just get drenched and let yourself dry in the breeze... the rain sometimes comes up so fast that by the time you get your gear on you are drenched anyway. Just go with the flow and enjoy.
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