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Actually, Capt. Guyan had all the weather information available to him that was available to everyone through the weather service. As someone who at one time ran weather stations for a living, I follow hurricanes closely, and get a tremendous amount of information from the National Hurrricane Center, all of which Guyan had. In each the days prior to the storm turning South into Fantome, Mitch was predicted to be turning North through a weakness in the ridge over southern Mexico.

I knew Guyan well, and had sailed with him for a total of 6 weeks over the years. He did everything he could so avoid the hurricane, using the 500 years of experience that has been learned by sailing ship captains. Had not the Bay islands and the coast of Honduras blocked his southern escape, or more importantly, had not Mitch confounded the experts and computers, we might still be sailing that beautiful ship.
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