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Default Re: Rome to Ft. Lauderdale on Liberty.. U OUT THERE??

Muffyn.. we don't have a time and place set yet... but we are planning on doing it Oct. 31 for Halloween. We'll work around/with whatever the ship is doing that day. Hopefully we can coordinate something with John Heald, Becka and the cruise staff (Becka.. you listening? <G>)

The theme.. "Roman the Seas" is open to all sort of interpretation <G> so you certainly don't have to stick to togas, gladiators, etc. Heck .. you can come as a pizza or a pope, or a dirty old man.

Though I called the prizes "wonderful" I'm not sure anyone should spend alot of time or effort lugging heavy costumes... the prizes aren't "THAT GOOD" <VBG>

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