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Originally Posted by CanadianCruiseBooker
I did not meet Theo but I believe he is still the Hotel Manager. It was actually a little disappointing that not one person from HAL met with me or greeted me... as a travel agent (and a tour leader), I would have expected SOME greeting or welcome aboard.

I did not see (or smell) anyone smoking in the Ocean Bar... only in the Casino Bar.
Disappointing if there is no smoking in the Ocean Bar anymore. That was one of my favorite hangouts. Guess it will be the Crow's Nest in the future for me.

That is strange that no one greeted you personally. I know group leaders on my cruise were accorded certain, shall we say, "courtesies." In fact, a group of them were asked to pose for a photo on World's Largest Cruise Night at a celebration that was held onboard. Are you sure they knew you were a group leader? ... though if not, they certainly should have.

Blue skies ...

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