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Default Re: Re: Rome to Ft. Lauderdale on Liberty.. U OUT THERE??

ok right now I am FUMING!!!!!!!

I was checking with the airlines about something & found out I am NOT on ANY plane to or from this cruise!

MONTHS ago I made arrangements with Nancy (TA for cruismates) about the flights, because I had a deviation coming home. I was given flight information & had called the airlines to choose my seats etc etc. even have confirmation from airlines to BOTH my booking numbers!
what in gods sakes happened???????
I am soooooo FURIOUS that this happened and was never kept apprised by any changes, let alone I have NO airline to go on!!!
for this to have happened is beyond,,,,, well,,,,,,, you fill in the next sentence............
plus for the TA to be out of town, & of course "I" can't talk to carnival.
I am also royaly P'od, because I had seats I WANTED,, when I talked to flights a couple weeks back they would have a hard time putting anyone NEXT to each other on a flight now
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