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Default Re: Re: Rome to Ft. Lauderdale on Liberty.. U OUT THERE??

ok, here is what is going on with my carnival Air Problem.. for those of you WHO booked Carnival air,, you reallly need to check your flights!

I decided to book the air through Carnival ( we drive to ports,,,,, I didn't
want to worry about flights, transfers etc).
price looked right & it saved $100 in transfer from airport to port.
now this was over a year ago......
in April we decided to do a deviation & fly home from Orlando (staying a few
days after the trip). took Carnival a while to get back to TA, but it was
all set up. august 2nd I decided to call airlines for seat assignment.
nooooo problem I got seats I wanted & they sent email confirmation. I was
dealing with 2 diff airlines. the one from florida told me they were getting
pretty full to be able to get 2 seats together, so I was glad I did call!.
now, yesterday, my daughter in looking for flights home from Orlando ( they
are meeting us down in orlando for the after cruise, hit disney etc). she
called me & said there was NO flight # that I gave her. hmmmmm. Ok I thought
maybe they just changed the time it left, & had to change flight #????
so I called continental... they confirmed there was no flight of that
#,,,,,,, BUT I also didn't have a flight of any kind! huh??!! I just called
a few weeks ago & got seats assigned! NOpe, they said,,,, seems like
Carnival never paid for tix, so they cancelled out reservation. (now, wait
a MINUTE I paid the balance for this cruise the 1st part of august!!!,, what
tdid they do with my $$$$).
soooo now the panic is starting to climb up my back. I call Delta, to
check on my flights & SAME story! reservation was not there anymore. now
this is at 11pm ,, & NO ONE to call!!!!!!!!I am definately Po'd, trying to
figure who to blame........ the TA got a reallly irritated phone message.
now this morning, TA calls back she talked to Carnival...... Carnival said
Delta flight was intact..... even gave her the file #.... (hmmmmm I thought,
they coudl NOT find it last night).. the orlando flight home was definately
gone......... no reason why carnival did NOT call TA. they offered me a
nonstop at 9 in the morning (eek). I told her to ask them whats the best
connecting flight later in the day,,,,,,, of course Carnival was not letting
her get through, with all the storm stuff going on. ( I later decided to
take a flight the next day , when my daughter is heading back,,, which I
needed ride home from airport anyway)
meanwhile I call Delta to CONFIRM the ressie.. oh yea its there but NOT paid
for, & only Carnival can say when it has to be paid for before they cancel
it! ( delta did not have access to that info,,,,,,huh??) I asked them *WHY*
did my other ressie dissapeared.....after much searching they said it was
cancelled becasue carnival did not pay for tix...... it was cancelled
8/23!!!! (ok, huh? again? I paid carnival weeks before for these tix where
is my $$$) ALSO they said the NEW reservation # I had was JUST made that
morning...... hmmmmmm. I asked if I could reserve seats.......
again...... ok, but they couldn't guarantee it will hold (blah blah blah)...
funny, I was still able to pick the SAME seats as before...
needless to say, it has been strongly suggested I keep checking on these
rservations every couple days to see IF they still are there!
*I am sooooo ticked*
when the TA called back Carnival, they denied making a NEW booking
today,that the OLD one was always intact.........what a bunch of bull..
btw, they also charged the TA $100 more for the deviation than they
originally billed!

muffin> needs a vacation........... now only to get there........
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