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Default Mature 27F seeks cabin-mate to Alaska

I have never been on a cruise before, but would like to go on a 7-day out of Seattle/Vancouver sometime in the next few months, and to do it as inexpensively as possible, therefore I need a cabin-mate!

I am open to any cruise line you would like to recommend, as long as it is in the $400-500 range, or we can figure that out together. I am open to young-hearted older folks or mature younger folks, as long as you are honest and open-minded. Male or female is fine (FYI I am single, no kids).

I am looking for someone who would like to do some things together too, like dancing/dining/drinking and whatever entertainment the ship provides, and spas/swimming/recreation stuff. I would like to explore the "local culture" at the stops along the way, and do some hiking/exploring in nature too. I am an INTJ personality-wise, so I do like to spend time by myself too, but it would be nice to share some experiences and not feel totally isolated on my vacation!

I just want to "get out of dodge" for a while, without spending all my Hawaii trip fund to do it! So again, I am hoping for someone who is perhaps also on a budget, or willing to do inexpensive things sometimes with me too.

If you know of any "singles cruises" coming up in the Alaska area soon, that would be something I would be interested in too.

Take care! :o
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