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Default Day 13 - Pressures on Silversea - Water

Day 13- Silver Shadow – at sea
Occasionally the cruise lines will have a “press trip”, where they invite a group of press and media on a ship, where they are accompanied by representatives of the cruise line. Normally these “press trips” are arranged when new ships come out of the shipyard, or are recently refurbished, or some new programs are in put in place which the cruise lines would like promoted. While lots of good information comes out of those trips, my own preference is to be traveling as I am; being able to report back on the experience as a passenger for a full voyage.

My goal the past 13 days, and continuing to the end of this voyage on Mar. 7, is to bring you onboard with me to share experience, to try and give a view of what a cruise on this ship would be like if you were to sail her. I do hope that you have enjoyed, and will continue to enjoy the daily reports of life onboard.

Today’s topic is shower pressure, and the degree to which it impacts your day.

Though we have a lovely Jacuzzi bathtub in our suite, I’m not a bathtub kind of guy. Therefore it’s a treat to have a separate shower stall in the suite as well. Not only is there a shower, but there’s water pressure when I shower, and the temperature and pressure remains constant; That, and the Bvlgari bath products I’ve become so accustomed to are spoiling me.

Who’d have ever thought a man would give a darn about what type of bath products he was using?… especially a Canadian man. And the towels! The towels are to die for! Who’d have ever thought a man would utter the words “the towels are to die for”? But they are. They are large, thick bath sheets, not little itty bitty strips of terry cloth. We have more towels in our suite than there are people from Western Canada who speak French. Then there are the three telephones; one on the desk in the living area, one in the bedroom, and one in the master bath. I like to call Mrs. Kuki from the bathroom just peecause I can. (I couldn’t help it, sorry!)

While on the topic of bathrooms; as well as things are thought out on board, with much attention to detail, whoever designed the placement of the toilet paper roll in the “master bath” must have enjoyed the practical joke they were pulling. If I weren’t double jointed I’d never be able to wipe. There’s plenty of room in the face of the vanity by the sink to build in a toilet paper dispense. AH!! Now I’ve thought of another use for the bathroom telephone. I can call Mrs. Kuki to come pass me the paper.

It’s Day 13 of the cruise, and we’re still here, and people are still being nice to us. We’ve talked to many people, and shared much laughter, and everyone has treated us like “we’re one of them”. They think we’re “Silverseaers”. On Silversea one can most likely rightfully presume that passengers onboard are upper middle class, to well off, to so stinking rich they could buy a small country if they wished.

What one shouldn’t presume is that everyone is going to be like “Mr. & Mrs. Caricature of Pomposity”. It’s quite the opposite.

Snobbery; assuming how people will act, and “who they are”, based on their income levels is a presumptive process. Whichever side of the coin you’re looking at it from, it’s a disservice to the people. Assuming stereotypes are correct, and categorizing people based on those assumptions, builds social walls which can prevent you from finding out just how much you may have in common.

But if you ignore stereotypes, you quickly realize the commonality of people’s lives, and issues within them. Everyone worries about their children, their families, their health, the condition of the world (both physically and financially).

In the past month Mrs. Kuki and I have gone from visiting areas of New Orleans devastated by Hurricane Katrina (and still not rebuilt), to a CruiseMates Group Cruise on Carnival with lots of silly antics and almost non-stop activities, to being the opening act for a comedian, to “The Rehab” group cruise, where a smaller group got to get to know each other and enjoy each other’s company, to a cooked up “group excursion” to a barber shop in Cozumel, to sailing on one of the most luxurious cruise lines in the world. The transition between these quite different experiences is much easier than people would think.

As the saying goes, “Variety is the spice of life”, and Mrs. Kuki and I have had continually tingling taste buds as a result of this month long adventure. Throughout the month, it’s been the people who have made it special, and that part is no different on Silversea.

This evening we invited a dozen or so of our favorite people on this cruise to come by the suite for pre-dinner cocktails. Our butler Vierny brought in a full portable bar, as well as canapés for our guests.

We all had a wonderful time chatting, and introducing some of the people who hadn’t yet met each other. It was a nice mix. We had Brits, Americans, and Canadians, and we all got a long famously. It’s very easy to throw a fabulous cocktail party, when there are no additional charges for it.

We were delighted that the Hotel Director Paolo, and Captain Corsaro joined us. Helmut the Food & Beverage manager dropped in as well, though he had to run to prepare for the evening’s dinner.

L to R Vierny, Paolo Pecivale, Kuki, Captain Angelo A Corsaro.

I learned that Captain Corsaro was the very first employee hired by Silversea, when the cruise line first began. A fact he is very proud of. He began his career with them in Sept. 1993, and he’ll be bringing out the new Silver Spirit when she debuts in Dec. ’09. Paolo will be working with Captain Corsaro once again as the Hotel Director on the Spirit.

From cocktails everyone headed to dinner. I won’t go into the details on everything I ate, but you can certainly tell this is an Italian cruise line, as the pastas have been fabulous!!

Tomorrow is a port day, with a visit to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I learned tonight that we’ll be at anchor, and tendering because there are too many ships visiting tomorrow. I would imagine that because Silversea is not a weekly visitor to the port, she doesn’t get a berth at the pier.

I’ll be off golfing again, and when Mrs. Kuki learned tendering would be necessary she said she may just stay onboard and relax. When Paolo overheard her say that, he jokingly told her he would get her, her own tender to go ashore. Nothing would surprise me though, at this point.

Internet service through most of the cruise has been surprisingly good…for being on a ship at sea. The last two and half days, from just prior to our Acapulco visit, it’s been a struggle, and therefore very difficult to get pictures uploaded to the gallery, and imbedded in my daily reports. I have many more pictures to share, but you’re going to have to wait to see them.
I’m presuming it has something to do with the relationship between where we are, and where the satellite MSN is using is located.
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