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Originally Posted by Djcarolina
I apologize that my factual information is not of good use to you, but my english professor always said for me to support a statement I make with facts, which is what I've done. Now: If you choose to count the balcony as part of the full cabin, then yes i suppose it could reduce sleeping space. However, you will not find an interior/oceanview cabin that utilisez the full amount of space available on a balcony as space for the guest's use, or in your case sleep.

The benefit of a balcony isn't that to provide more sleeping space, but rather to offer an access to an exterior part of the ship which is found by many passengers to be desirable for a variety of reasons to include smoking, photography and of course the fresh ocean air. I suppose, if you were so concerned about having optimal sleeping space you could always sleep on the balcony....

hi. you're weird (=
i highly agree it takes space away,
go on a cruise website and look at the difference between an ocean view state room and a balcony room, the oceanview looks much bigger
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