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Default Day 15 - Silver Shadow - A Night with a Knight

Day 15 – Silver Shadow – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Admittedly, after 14 days I’m running out of adjectives to describe this cruise. As you’ve read along I’m sure you’ve noticed not everything has been perfect, but to be honest, the imperfections get diminished in our memories by the collection of the unending efforts of “the ship” to make us, and all, its passengers happy.

As the days have passed I’ve spoken with quite a number of the passengers onboard and to date have heard no complaints, and only exuberant kudos, in regard to anything that is directly a ship’s operation, with one exception; Everyone we spoke to who took the Best of Puerto Vallarta Tour, universally reported it was bad. Honestly, I learned long ago that pretty much any tour which is titled Best of (anywhere) is generally far from the best of. Instead they all seem to be a view out the window of the bus, with some time for shopping, and I avoid them.

One of the matters of business that has me especially pleased is the lack of what I refer to Ship SPAM delivered to the suite each evening along with the daily Chronicle. The Chronicle has some small ads within its pages, and there’s a separate sheet with a more portable listing of shipboard activities, as well as the preview menu for the next days lunch and dinner.

There are no flyers delivered to the cabin each night promoting the art auctions at sea, nor any photographers running amok on the ship, to take pictures at every opportunity to sell you later. Fact is there’s no such thing as a ship’s photographer on Silver Shadow. There are no announcements over the public address system, other than the Captain’s daily Noon navigational announcements. Though they occasionally play Bingo, it’s for fun to earn points, not money.

To this point in the cruise we’ve had absolutely incredible weather the entire cruise, enjoying temperatures from the 80’s to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. I’m so brown I look like an over-cooked order of Ribs…a very large serving of Ribs at that.

This morning Silversea dialed up from their Rolodex once more. There were whales and dolphins in the waters around the ship for several hours. Captain Corsaro announced the whales positions had been spotted on the aft side when they were at the closet point to view from the ship. Unfortunately they weren’t close enough to get any great pictures with my camera. Perhaps it was too costly to get them to perform closer to the ship.

There was one exciting moment when very near to each other, two whales breached, and several dolphins flew in and out the water. The people on the pool-deck broke into spontaneous applause.

About 11:45 A.M, the whales and dolphins were no longer visible. I asked Paolo, who happened to be standing next to me if this was their scheduled lunch break. Without missing a beat he said “Yes, of course. They’ll be back at 12:30.”

We were anchored off of Cabo San Lucas until 7 P.M. this evening. “Cabo” has quite a lively night life, with many nice restaurants and bars. If I were designing this itinerary (Silversea can consult me if they like ) I’d have made Cabo an overnight port, and skipped the upcoming visit to Ensenada.

At anchor off the coast with us today were the Holland America Statendam, and the Crystal Symphony.
No tours planned for us today, we tendered ashore, and strolled through the marina area. We’d first visited Cabo San Lucas in 1994, and at that time it was a sleepy little coastal village. A few shops and a few bars lined the main street, which at the time was a gravel and dirt road.

Then in the late nineties and early 2000s, Cabo became THE hot spot on the Mexican Riviera. Celebrities and jet-setters simply had to come to Cabo. With them came major development of the area, with a beautiful Ritz Carlton Hotel at the pier, and many restaurants and bars.

Today the marina is full of luxury boats and yachts, and the area is world renowned for its sport fishing. No longer a quaint fishing village, today it’s the Cannes of the Mexican Riviera.

Below is the Silver Shadow, as seen through the boats at the marina.

More Cabo pictures available:

Back onboard The Shadow, because of sea conditions the Captain had to alter the ship’s position several times to make it safer for tender operations. Several times they had to lift the anchor, and then drop it for the new position. One of these times I happened to be relaxing on the toilet and as they dropped anchor I yelled goodbye to Mrs. Kuki.

Oddly some of the worst motion we’ve felt on the ship was while at anchor off of Cabo San Lucas. Because of the positioning of the ship, and the currents, the ship rocked side to side. It’s an unfamiliar movement on a ship listing to one side, then the other, and back again.

This evening there was a sail-away party on deck. Chairs are covered once again with chair-slips, cocktail tables set out, and grilled chicken skewers, shrimp skewers, California rolls, rolled salmon, freshly sliced prosciutto, and “surprise” appetizers are served, while watching the sunset over Cabo San Lucas.

It was while being served some of this nosh and a drink I recalled I hadn’t mentioned a most interesting service trait. Whenever anyone delivers a drink, or an appetizer, or whatever, I say thank you. Rather than say you’re welcome, the servers respond: “Pleasure”. To many it might seem like such an insignificant difference in response, but given some thought I think it’s a delightful terminology. Very simple, warmly delivering the message that they are happy to be serving you. It may be a standard continental phrasing I’m unfamiliar with, but I love it.

This evening we’d been invited to dine at Le Terrazza, with Sir Keith and Lady Kathy.

If you’ve been following this Virtual Cruise Report from the beginning, this is the couple we met the second day of the cruise (first formal night), at the Captain’s Welcome Onboard Reception, who we felt we’d hit it off well immediately, but couldn’t have dinner with that evening.

It shows you should always trust your instincts, because we’ve had the opportunity to spend several evenings together, and they are truly a fun, interesting, entertaining and delightful couple. Meeting them, and now considering them dear friends, is a part of the magic of cruising! We’re from different countries, a world apart, and surely it is almost impossible that we’d have met at any other time, in any other place, and given the opportunity to become friends as we have on the Silver Shadow.
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