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Why are the gentle people of New Yoik being singled out here, everyone like it or not has an accent when they speak the same language to others and how its then heard by other ears, it will be accented.

This includes my accent, and in some peoples ears it appears even more so “unfriendly” being Scottish. It may sound brash, forthright, menacing or intelligible, but it’s just my accent, it’s no reflection on me as a person.
There is nothing like the reality of the person talking. Problem is when people take those spoken and accent traits into written words and people still do not understand them

For me, I don’t think I reflect in my accent when talking,,, the gentle person that I am. And, you cannot tell me from reading how I write, present or react in written word that my accent or roots when talking to people on places like this can still come across as would my spoken word.
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